From 2013-2014, I was a part of the core UX design team focused on designing immersive reading experiences on eReaders. During this time, I led the Pocket app integration and helped define the Beyond the Book experience.


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Kobo’s Pocket integration allows users save content from the web, and read it later, online or off, on their Kobo eReader. Pocket on Kobo seamlessly syncs with your Pocket account; the article lists stays up to date.

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BTB CoverBTB Cover

Kobo’s Beyond the Book offers a collection of related information about the author and key terms in books. Users can learn more about a specific topic by exploring definitions, articles, and other content in these collections.

BTB detailsBTB details

Users can access collections in the Beyond the Book section, by bringing up the reading menu while reading. Collections can be also be accessed by clicking underlined words in the eBook.

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